In order to live out our values we will…

Engage in a liturgical, formative and multigenerational style of worship and ministry rooted in the ordinary means of grace with a focus on Christ and joyfully expressed with truth, beauty and goodness.

Engage in intentional, lifelong, cradle to the grave discipleship in a community led and exemplified by our Minister, elders and deacons. They will engage in, and oversee, robust formative ministries that flow from and undergird our corporate worship and the use of the ordinary means.

Engage in a mission bigger than ourselves through the service and care of one another and the world by means of hospitality and sacrificial service and the sending out of others to do the same.

In order to live out our values we will emphasize…

Practices over mere experiences.

People over programs.

Principles over pragmatics.

Lifelong nurture over momentary sensationalism.

Full-orbed, whole-person discipleship rich in truth, goodness and beauty aiming at the whole person over a mere didactic methodology that aims only at the head.