The W10295370 has been updated by Whirlpool and released as the new and improved EveryDrop EDR1RXD1. Indulge yourself with better tasting water and ice with the Whirlpool W10295370 compatible refrigerator water and ice filter. Also known as the EDR1RXD1 and Filter1. Before water reaches your home it goes through a long treatment process that doesn’t always get all the bad stuff out, and usually leaves behind unpleasant tastes and odors. The aftertaste in your mouth is linked to chlorine used in public water supplies. While efficient as a disinfectant, the taste can make many people turn to sugary juices and bottled water as an alternative.
Replaced model w10295370a
the Whirlpool w10295370a . compatible helps reduce those tastes and odors making the water you drink more refreshing. That same filter media is also NSF Standard 42 and 53 Certified to capture industrial chemicals, lead, and cysts among several other pollutants that are sometimes found in water inside homes. Beneficial fluoride is not removed to keep your smile bright as you enjoy the benefits a new refrigerator ice and water filter can bring.

“You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth and wine to gladden the heart of man, oil to make his face shine and bread to strengthen man’s heart.” Psalm 104.14-15

Church Feasts

At Providence Church we acknowledge that this life, oft called a vale of tears, is full of hardship and trouble. That said, we also want to confess that because of our hope in Christ that there is much to celebrate, especially our redemption. In fact, one of the primary duties God has placed upon man is to celebrate. This is something that distances Christianity from other world religions. Our very goal as a people is to meet up at the end of time for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. We gather every week and partake of a pre-feast in the Lord’s Supper, and as we gather for worship we all join together in joyful song. The bible is full of things that make for a good party – songs, poems, wine and rich food. This is why we celebrate the major moments in the history of our salvation with church feasts.

Advent Feast

Every Advent season, on the Sunday before Christmas, we hold a traveling Advent Feast. As we go from location to location as a group, we consider the different periods of exile that Israel experienced in her history and the current exile the church experiences as we await our heavenly home. We do this through readings, songs and even through the food at each location, knowing that food plays a major part in both faith and unbelief (from forbidden fruit, to lands flowing with milk and honey, all the way to a marriage supper). This journeying gives way to a cork-popping, calorie filled “Joy to the World!”, as we rejoice in the coming of our Lord Jesus at Christmas, and as we are assured of His second coming at the end of all things.

Easter Feast

Every Easter Sunday we gather in the afternoon for a delightful Greek themed meal. We roast a lamb, raise a glass and give thanks for the resurrection from the dead. Christ is risen! Death is defeated! And to the Victor goes the spoils. Why not celebrate?

Pentecost Feast

On Pentecost, we gather for a time of rejoicing as we consider the gift of the Holy Spirit. We have an international feast to represent the Gospel going out to all the nations and we have an all church Victorian dance, as we celebrate in one of the most self-forgetful and communal ways that we can. All this, because we have received the down payment of our eternal inheritance.

We have designed these feasts to be opportunities to express, with body and soul, our gratitude to God and our love for one another.