Church Officers

Our Deacons, Ruling Elders, and Minister are all ordained as church officers to serve Providence in their unique roles.


Rev. Jesse Pirschel

Jesse is the Pastor at Providence Presbyterian Church in Temecula, CA. He is married to Lenny, his wife of 25 years and together they have 4 children. As a Calvary Chapel pastor in the late 90’s, Jesse came to believe the Reformed faith was a more Biblically faithful expression of the Christian faith and began his pursuit of serving in a Presbyterian church. He graduated with an M.Div from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and has since served as Senior Minister in both PCA and OPC congregations. He has been honored to serve the Temecula congregation for 15 years.

Associate Ministers

Rev. Dave Crum & Rev. Christian McArthur

Ruling Elders

Aaron Hook, Will Powell, Ron Thorn


Adam Barret, Christian Guinn, Jeff Hutchinson, Garrett Newman, Buck Watkins, Isaiah Thorn, David Apodoca, and Ryan Golgosky