Advent 2023

The Holidays are upon us! When I say “upon us,” I mean it in the same sense as, “the Philistines are upon us!” The page is barely allowed to turn on Thanksgiving before America’s version of Christmas crashes the party wearing a Santa hat and offering deep discounts. The food Read more…


In order to see how delightful God’s
solution, we must see the gravity of the situation. Advent serves us in this way, by reminding us
of the ongoing nature of our need and the hopelessness of man-made solutions to solve the
dilemma so that, when God’s gift arrives on Christmas morning, we will be primed and ready to

Update from the Session

Dear Providence Church, It has now been 8 weeks since the stay-at-home order has prevented us from joining together as a congregation for public worship. I know for many of us this has been a challenge spiritually and emotionally. It has also become clear that there is growing unrest among Read more…

Letter from Pastor Pirschel

Beginning March 22nd, Providence will not be holding Sunday services for the next several Lord’s Days as we seek to follow the county’s recommendations. I am sure some of you may be wondering if this is the right call, as we have historically stressed the importance of corporate worship, word, Read more…

Coronavirus Update

Like all of you, Providence Presbyterian Church is adjusting to the new challenges presented the COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and intend to comply with the guidance provided by our government in order to help prevent of the spread of the virus. Our weekly public gathering falls Read more…

Advent 2019

Christians are defined by history. Christianity maintains that what Jesus did for us in the past defines both our present and our future. As Paul teaches, if there is no resurrection in the past, our faith is useless now and our future is hopeless. Of course, the same could be Read more…