Fat Soul – Man in the Kitchen

Published by Christian McArthur on

This Summer’s theme is Food and in July we take on the topic of Man in the Kitchen: Chef as Sub-Creator.

Topic: Man in the Kitchen: Chef as Sub-Creator
What to Bring: A homemade dish and a libation to share
Location: 41930 Calle Cabrillo, Temecula CA 92592
Time: 7 PM, Friday July 15th

Man is not only an eater, because he is made in God’s image, he is also a creator.  One of the places we see this most clearly is in the kitchen where the varied things of this world are brought together in endless combinations to both fill and delight us.  We will learn about the cult of BBQ sauce, behold the wonder of onions, taste and witness the glory of Paella made by one of our own, enjoy a national treasure who taught us how to cook and much, much more.  And all for the low, low price of just showing up. 

Please bring a libation and a food item to share that is “from the kitchen” (resist that urge to buy it premade).  We had a good turn out last time, let’s make sure our food and drink supply lives up to the name of Fat souls.  

This is an outdoor event, dress accordingly.