Fat Souls – Man as Eater

Published by Jesse Pirschel on

Fat Souls is for promoting worldliness. That may sound counterproductive at best, sinister at worst, but hear me out. We believe in a God who creates. We also believe in a God who called all that He made “good.” Creation is. Creation is good. So how are we to engage with the creation? Should we avoid it, thinking that it is somehow dangerous or evil? Should we ignore it, as if it is somehow inconsequential in comparison to deeper, unseen things? What do we do when we look around and see a world brimming with beauty, bursting with sight and sound, and gifting food and drink in both modest and utterly mysterious ways? What is the proper response to gifts, especially when the gift is good? We should, at the very least, enjoy them.  

Fat Souls is warfare. You hear it all the time, how terrible the suburbs are; soulless, shallow, and safe. Even Chesterton quipped, “I still hold. . .that the suburbs ought to be either glorified by romance and religion or else destroyed by fire from heaven…” While you may not share Chesterton’s opinion entirely, one should admit life in suburbia comes with its’ own dangers. Dangers that may, because of our familiarity with them, appear harmless but when seen in their true nature are found to be hideous. There are monsters lurking in our cul-de-sacs that want to nibble away at our souls. Dragons like individualism, consumerism, selfishness, busyness, rootlessness, disinterest, boredom, and hopelessness. Fat Souls is our small attempt to kindle a life of “romance and religion” amid our shared suburbia and thus wage war against these enemies that want to make us thin in all the wrong places. 

Finally, Fat souls is a recovery group. As modern people, we are whispered lies through our cultural practices and because of them we are shaped funny. Worse still, we can begin to believe some of what is being subtly sold about who we are, where we are going, what things really mean and how joy is made.  Fat Souls is an opportunity to wake up to the truth again: The truth that all is gift, that creation is good (both weird and wonderful), that grace is outrageous, that, considering our size and our place in the story, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously while, at the same time, taking things like hobbits, hummingbirds, and breakfast ham quite seriously. It is a moment to remember that we are not cogs in a cosmic machine rolling to nowhere, but we are human beings placed into a world that is made by a greater Being, and everywhere you look this One, who is good and true and beautiful, has spoken all things into being. Thus, everywhere you look He is speaking, and His words are worth hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and loving.  In this way, at least for a moment. we recover from the stupor of modernity and the hangover that comes with it, a life devoid of delight, devoid of true gratitude. In these moments we experience recovery to the real world, a world that is full of wonder, thus wonderful.  

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t always work out quite like this. Like any good feast, it must be blessed. But your participation sure helps, so join us this Friday, June 24th and let’s try together. This is an outdoor event, so dress accordingly.  We have enough chairs for everyone, so no need to bring one this time around.

This Summer’s theme is Food and we will approach it under three headings:

  1. Man as Eater: Daily Dining as Divine Encounter, June 24th
  2. Man in the Kitchen: Chef as Sub-Creator, July 15th
  3. Man at the Table: Conversation, Courtesy and Communion, August 19th