Summer Sunday School

Published by Christian McArthur on recently surpassed 15-million members in its AncestryDNA Network. The service connects people through a saliva sample to the places their ancestors lived and the paths they followed to get there. If the growing number of subscribers is any indication, it seems we as humans are interested in our family history–and so we should be!

As members of the Body of Christ, we too have a unique family history. One filled with faithful men and women, and a few crazy uncles. High points and blemishes, they are our people, our Spirit-born relatives, related to us through Christ’s blood and baptism. 

This summer, Providence Presbyterian Church takes a biographical look at some of our forefathers along with the family feuds that make up our history. We will focus our time on the early and medieval church and consider how their traditions, convictions, and questions are not unlike our own. And by God’s grace, we will discover further evidence that God has been faithful to sustain his One Holy Catholic Church.

Summer Sunday School Series: One Holy Catholic Church

Ages: All ages are invited to this church-wide interactive study.

Time: After the Divine Service, 11:45-12:30p.

Location: Linfield Christian School, Room 112.

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