Pentecost Feast

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At Providence Church we have made a tradition of holding annual feasts based on the redemptive acts of God. We hold an Advent Feast to celebrate the fulfilled promises of God concerning a Savior to a waiting people. We gather every Easter for a Feast to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and its significance for us as God’s people. And, on June 5th, we will hold our annual Pentecost Feast. 

So, Pentecost…what is it?
In the unfolding of God’s story of salvation, Pentecost is a major event. At Pentecost, God poured out His Spirit on “all flesh” and through the power of the Spirit the people of God became an international body, drawn from every tribe, tongue, nation and kindred. This pouring out of the Spirit was the gift of God to men of Himself; He dwelling in them and they in Him. The Spirit was the down payment of an inheritance that would fully come at the New Creation. Not only was the Spirit a gift, but He gave gifts to men. In this way, the Church of God was empowered by God himself to do His work in the world. This was indeed the sign that the “last days” had begun, and the rule of God would spread to every nation on earth. The indwelling of the Spirit is nothing less than present participation in that future promise of God that says, “He will dwell with man and they will dwell with Him.” 

Therefore, we want to celebrate God’s victory through Christ and His promise of the Spirit to the Church at our Pentecost Feast. 

What to Bring 
1. An international food to share as we partake of a meal that represents the nations now participating in God’s Kingdom. Please sign up using this link

2. We also ask folks to bring a bottle of wine to share for the celebration. 

Along with a meal, we will also be asking you to join us for a dance. This idea is where many of our adults raise an eyebrow. Dance? I don’t dance. But what other activity in life expresses unbridled joy as well as dancing? This will be a time where we join to hear live music and learn some traditional dances as a community. And this isn’t just for the kids! (It’s just that they understand this idea of unbridled joy a bit better than us sometimes.) It is our small way of expressing our gladness that Christ has ascended to heaven as the victorious King, and has sent us His very own Spirit to claim us, shape us, empower us, comfort us and keep us until heaven. 

Date: Sunday, June 5th
Time: 5 PM 
Location: Fork & Plow Lavender Form, 43601 Sorensen Road, Aguanga, CA 92536
Sign Up to help or bring a dish:

This will be an outdoor, semi-formal affair. 

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