Coronavirus Update

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Like all of you, Providence Presbyterian Church is adjusting to the new challenges presented the COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and intend to comply with the guidance provided by our government in order to help prevent of the spread of the virus. Our weekly public gathering falls under the current state and county mandated limit of 250 participants. Therefore, we intend to continue our weekly Sunday worship service for as long as it is deemed safe.

Temporary Changes

In order to keep our doors open we are making the following changes to our normal Sunday morning gathering.

  1. The nursery will not be available during service.
  2. After service snacks and all Sunday school classes have be cancelled.
  3. We will cease passing trays for the Lord’s Supper and move to a format that will allow Pastor Jesse and our church officers to serve from the front of the sanctuary. 

Attendance Guidelines

We have also compiled a list of guidelines to help people asses whether they should attend worship. We recommend that all people who meet the following criteria not attend worship at this time:

  1. People who are currently sick, or have members of their household who are sick.
  2. All adults considered at “high risk” in the event of exposure, including those approximately 60 yrs and older.
  3. People who have serious chronic medical conditions such as:
    1. Heart disease
    2. Diabetes
    3. Lung disease or respiratory issues
    4. A compromised immune system

We understand that this will prevent a good number of congregants from attending worship. We pray that these restrictions will only be in place for a short time, but we do not have a timetable for when they will be lifted. As a result, we are working on ways to better serve and minister to those who cannot attend in person.

Please continue to pray that God would have mercy and hear the cries of suffering.
Pray that He would bless the means which are used to stay the spread of sickness.
That God would strengthen those who labor to heal and comfort the afflicted.
Pray that He would restore those who have been brought low,
and to those that are beyond healing,
that God would give His heavenly consolation and saving grace through Jesus Christ our Lord.