Hymn Sing Sunday School – Song of Simeon

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This summer all ages are invited to a special Sunday school serious all about learning how to sing parts for the songs in our hymnal.  This is a great opportunity for anyone, no matter how much musical knowledge you possess. Each week we will be posting a new hymn that was learned the previous Sunday for you to practice on your own.

On Sunday. July 15th we practiced The Song of Simeon. Here are audio files so you can practice your parts:

For review, here is a description of each part.

Soprano – The highest female singing part (also the melody of the song)
Alto – The lowest female singing part
Tenor – The highest male singing part (though ladies with lower voices can also try the tenor part as well)
Bass – The lowest male singing part

Remember that you want to listen to the part of your choosing often, and try to learn it like it is the melody.  Also, once you have it down, try your part with the soprano part playing so that you get used to singing it with other parts present.