What to Expect:

At Providence we begin our service promptly at 10:30am. There is no dress code, but we come in a manner of respect and reverence for our great God and Savior. The service lasts about an hour and a half. We encourage families to worship together—we love hearing the sounds of our covenant children participating in the service. After the closing benediction, there is a time to fellowship together over good food and drinks.

Our worship services are a divine dialogue—that is, when we come together on Sundays for worship it is to have a conversation with God. This understanding informs what we do in our services and the way we do it. God is the initiator in this conversation: He speaks to us in the call to worship, the reading of the law, the preaching of His Word, the administration of sacraments (Lord’s Supper and baptism), and the benediction. Primarily we come to hear from Him. Our part in this divine dialogue is always responsive in nature: we speak in response to God in our prayers, confession of sin, giving of our offerings, and singing.

The apex of our worship is the preaching of God’s Word. In the sermon, you can expect to hear how God wants you to live. However, we all come up far short of God’s standard. But God’s Word doesn’t leave us desperate. That’s why you can also plan on being refreshed in hearing of the forgiveness offered to you in Jesus Christ. The sermon is then followed each week by the Lord’s Supper, where we join together in a meal that God has prepared for us in confirmation of the Gospel Word just preached. This meal is a visual representation of what we have heard in the sermon: namely, in the bread and wine we see the broken body and shed blood of our Lord, who sacrificed himself for our sins to secure our forgiveness. The Lord’s Table is open to all at Providence who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and our members of a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching church. If you do not meet these requirements but would like to partake of the Supper, please see one of our elders to find out what to do next.

We also provide Sunday School for different ages before the worship service, from 9:30-10:15. This is generally topic-based and more informal, so you can feel free to ask questions and participate.