At Providence, we find ourselves awed by the truth, goodness, and beauty of who God is and what He has done for us. Specifically, we see the truth in God’s story: that the only way for sinful man to attain everlasting life is through the merits of Jesus Christ. We are convinced of this, therefore we preach it week in and week out. This gospel is what has formed the community of the church, and we enjoy the goodness of her fellowship. Thus we set aside our differences recognizing that God has united us in His Son, and we come together by sharing our gifts, bearing each other’s burdens, and forgiving one another as visible manifestations of Christ’s work in us. Finally, we believe the primary response to this truth and goodness is to offer up to God beautiful worship. We truly believe our worship services are beautiful, not because of the building, the lights, the singing, or anything that we do. We bask in the beauty of what God is doing for us. Each week as we meet for the Divine Service, God calls us to Himself, cleanses us as we confess our sins, consecrates us as we hear His Word, communes with us at His table, and commissions us to serve Him in the world by serving others.

In fact, one of the ways we love to celebrate all of this at Providence is by observing God’s story unfold around climactic moments in the History of Redemption, such as Advent, Easter, and Pentecost. We take these opportunities each year to come together as a church family and fellowship around good food and fun, all the while reflecting on what God has done for us in the Gospel of His Son. This is a fairly unique practice at Providence, and we love to have you join us for the truth, goodness, and beauty of it all!